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Stardom Musical Instruments Set Mat

Stardom Musical Instruments Set Mat-Tech Accessories-Salmon Lucky-MavJam Avenue

Stardom Musical Instruments Set Mat

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All great musicians start from their garage band and go on to become great musicians!

Recognize your kid's hidden musical talent and encourage them to play several instruments all at , Guitar, Harp, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violine, and Xylophone plus the Drums that comes with two drum sticks, no need to buy all these instruments separately! All they need to do is press the icons of each instrument given on the mat and they will have hours of creative fun composing music together, sing along, and dance as a !

See your kids on their way to Stardom with this Musical Instruments.


This Electric musical instrument set comes with several musical instruments all on a single mat.
It can be played solo or with 2 players simultaneously.
Battery operated instruments play beautiful music for budding musicians.
It has a built-in memory to record the play time for up to 30 mins.
For ages 5 and up.
Great as a gift for birthdays and Christmas.

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