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Isla the Princess Rag Doll

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Isla the Princess Rag Doll

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Hi, I’m Isla! I'm a beautiful rag doll!
I’ve got brown hair, my maker has it in a bun and I wear a tiny silver crown at the top of my head!
I hope you like my dress! It’s peach and light green - my favorite colors!
The top is textured and the skirt is very light green and has a white satin underlay. It has been made with great detail! I also have little silver wings attached to my back.
My shoes are silver (You know… to match my wings and crown. ) My face is embroidered! My designer made sure I will have eyebrows, blue eyes, a nose and a mouth with rosy cheeks.
I am definitely shorter than ! Will my next home be with you?


Isla is one little rag doll-

She is made with high quality fabrics and cotton blend- so not to irritate the skin. These fabrics also make it possible for Isla to be washed easily! You can wash her on cold in a laundry mesh bag. Air drying only.

She will arrive in simple lightweight packaging (a weatherproof envelope)

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