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Floating Soccer Ball/Football

Floating Soccer Ball/Football-Toys-Ivory Coeus-MavJam Avenue

Floating Soccer Ball/Football

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1. Wind suspension technology: air suspension technology, the floating ball can float in the air cushion generated by the strong built-in fan and a rotary motor, making the ball easy to glide on any smooth surface. You can play it on the floor, flat places.


2. Safe materials and good protection: made of non-toxic plastic, foam plastic bumper, and cushion around the edge of the foam, so that the ball is safe enough for children to play. At the same time, it can protect your furniture and walls from damage.


3. A powerful LED lamp: this ball is equipped with a colorful LED light shining brightly in the dark, and it also brings more fun and attraction to the children.


4. The best football enlightenment education: interesting characteristics and beautiful appearance will let your children like it. At first glance, they can play on any flat floor or indoors.


1x Floating ball

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